Infineon's niche areas such as plant lighting, landscape lighting, and intelligent lighting

- Jul 01, 2020-

In the future, we will expand more emerging application areas and further lay out the field of intelligent lighting

Infineon's main products are LED drive power products, mainly medium and large power, and its products are positioned in the global market. In the past two years, the rise of emerging niche applications has brought new development opportunities to the LED drive power industry. Related manufacturers have expanded their production capacity and actively expanded market segments. Infinite said it will expand more emerging applications such as landscape lighting and plant lighting in the future, and further optimize the global layout.

In the field of plant lighting, Infineon announced on March 23 this year that it intends to subscribe for the newly issued 40,000 A-series convertible preferred shares of Agrify in the United States for $4 million to attack the plant lighting market and further improve the market in the LED segment. layout.

At the same time, Infineon will further lay out the field of intelligent lighting, providing LED digital power solutions based on the T/CSA051 standard, DALI-2 & D4i standard, which not only provides power for the lamps, but also has auxiliary output capabilities, which can directly be the intelligent controller. Power supply, provide digital serial communication interface, can communicate directly with intelligent controller, with data acquisition (voltage, current, power, power, working time, etc.) function, can be widely used in smart lampposts In terms of networking, it gives inherent advantages and provides better interconnectivity.

According to reports, Infineon has many application cases in Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Nanchang and other places. For example, Shenzhen Futian's multi-function pole has integrated lighting, public safety, environment, charging piles and other platforms.

Infinite said that with the rapid advancement of 5G commercial use, smart light poles or multi-function light poles will be further developed as an important carrier of 5G micro base stations, and as a must-have LED lighting function for smart light poles or multi-function light poles. And LED drive power will have greater market space.

In addition, Infineon is very optimistic about the new energy vehicle power supply industry and will continue to invest to form new business growth points. In 2018, Infineon's new energy segment achieved an operating income of more than 9.6 million, and in 2019 it achieved an operating income of more than 36 million. At present, the company's products in the new energy field have full power coverage, high efficiency, high power factor, and independent auxiliary sources. There are functions such as intelligent temperature compensation.