Green LED street light PK traditional high pressure sodium street light

- Jun 21, 2018-

1. Energy saving and environmental protection

Compared with traditional high-pressure sodium lamps, LED lamps can save 50% to 70% of energy consumption. The LED street lamp does not contain mercury, lead, etc. The entire process of manufacturing, use, and scrapping does not cause environmental pollution.

2. Long service life

The service life of traditional high-pressure sodium lamps is about 3000-5000 hours, and the service life of LED lamps is more than 30,000 hours (3-5 years), which greatly reduces the loss and maintenance costs.

3. Wide start

The traditional high-pressure sodium lamp voltage is too low to start normally. The LED street lamp can be started within the range of 90V-260V.

4. Strong material

The traditional high-pressure sodium street lamp is made of glass, which is fragile and dangerous. The LED street lamp has no filament, no glass bubbles, and it is not easily broken. Extreme weather works well.

Compared with green LED street lights, high-pressure sodium street lighting has the following drawbacks:

1. Large power consumption and low power supply efficiency. For example, a nominal 250W high-pressure sodium lamp generally has an overall power consumption of about 307 W, and the power efficiency is only 66.8%.

2 The color rendering index is low. Ra is usually only about 20-30, the light is dim, poor color reproduction.

3. The brightness controllability is poor. For high-pressure sodium lamps, there is a dedicated boost power supply to the lamp to supply power, and its brightness cannot be changed instantaneously.

4. Short life, high maintenance costs.

5. With poor light distribution, drop-type spot effect, making a lot of useless light transmitted far beyond the road. The best spot effect should be a rectangular spot, illuminating the road and a certain range on both sides (ie, the batwing light distribution curve).


With high power, the line laying cost is extremely high. Due to the large power consumption, the power copper wire used is relatively thick, while the LED street light can use the relatively thin copper wire to meet the same needs.