Equipment manufacturer Charm Engineering plans to expand business to Micro LED

- Dec 05, 2019-

Charm Engineering (President Kim Kyu-dong) said that the company recently developed a TFT (thin film transistor) array defect wiring repair device for Micro LED and delivered it to customers.

Charm Engineering also signed a memorandum of understanding with the Korea Optical Technology Institute (KOPTI), which owns Micro LED technology. It will accept KOPTI's Micro LED technology and extend its repair business to other applicable areas beyond displays, such as lighting and bio-health.

Charm Engineering is a global leader in the display repair equipment market.

The repair equipment analyzes the pattern of the displayed circuit board and restores the damaged area with metal gas, or uses laser to cut the unnecessary parts connected. Because repair equipment can turn defective products into acceptable products and increase production yields, it has become a key device for display manufacturing processes.

Charm Engineering is convinced of the fact that the repair process becomes very important during Micro LED manufacturing.

In order to achieve 55-inch 4K resolution with Micro LED, a panel needs about 25 million LED chips. Because the length and width of LED chips are less than 100 microns, the technology that can automatically detect and repair defective chips is considered the most difficult challenge, because 1% defective pixels means that there are 250,000 defective chips on a single panel.

Charm Engineering has applied its technology to Micro LED and first worked to repair the defective wiring of current displays.

It plans to cooperate with KOPTI and acquire technologies that can repair those defective chips grown from epitaxial wafers and determine whether the chips that complete the bonding process after moving to the substrate are working properly. Its goal is to combine its technology with KOPTI's next-generation technology and develop a technology that can be applied to actual mass production processes. In addition, it plans to expand its Micro LED repair equipment business to other applicable areas.

KOPTI has Micro LED epitaxial growth technology, substrate separation technology and Micro LED chip rapid transfer technology.

"We expect the Micro LED repair equipment market to open from next year." A representative from Charm Engineering said. "Although we are still in the initial stages, we are working to become an expert in the field of Micro LED repair equipment by strengthening related technologies."

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