Canadian researchers have developed a new method of Micro LED transfer

- Jul 23, 2020-

Researchers call this method "paste-and-cut", which can selectively transfer GaN Micro LEDs from a sapphire substrate to a flexible platform. The research results will be published in Nano Energy in July 2020.
The research team demonstrated their results of using a novel "paste and cut" method to transfer and bond GaN Micro LEDs to flexible substrates, and proved its effectiveness. This technology first bonds the Micro LEDs on the wafer to the glass substrate, and then releases them onto the flexible substrate. A novel pixel circuit can compensate for the drop in induced current in the pixel circuit due to aging and mechanical bending.
Image source: University of Waterloo
In this way, the team successfully processed 20μm Micro LED chips. According to the researchers, this technology can use Micro LEDs to produce large-area flexible or conventional rigid displays.
The novel design and integration process can also achieve stable light intensity when the display is in a mechanically bent state, thereby extending the service life. Compared with conventional pixel circuits used in OLED displays, this technology has been verified, and initial measurement results have verified the efficiency of the design and manufacturing process. In addition, the technology also utilizes the existing amorphous silicon TFT technology, which can pave a mature path for commercialization. (Compiled by LEDinside)