Advantages of die-cast aluminum housing

- Dec 06, 2019-


The aluminum casing has a wide range of uses. It is made of aluminum alloy. It has high flexibility and can be cut freely. Generally, there is a circuit board slot inside, as long as the circuit board is inserted directly, there is no need to fix it. Convenience is unmatched by other types of shells. The aluminum shell is formed by one die casting. Technology with waterproof and explosion-proof characteristics.

The advantages of aluminum enclosures are mainly for the following reasons:

First of all, there are quite high operating skills that can be completed in the production process. It is easy to cause the appearance of concentrated pinholes in the production process. When such situations occur, it is necessary to reduce or even eliminate pinholes in a timely manner. In addition, during the pouring process, there will be a secondary oxidation process, which easily causes the residue to remain in the inside, so in these aspects, it has been well handled, so that the aluminum casing is technically and technically. , Have reached the top.

Secondly, during the pouring process, we pay great attention to the pouring temperature and method. Under the premise of ensuring the molding, the temperature should be kept as low as possible, but in order to match the corresponding properties of the aluminum shell, the general temperature will be selected at 600 degrees Celsius To seven hundred degrees Celsius. This guarantees the perfect craftsmanship of the aluminum housing.