Long Lifespan 60w Led High Bay Light Fixture

Key Features 1. Wide power range: 40W~480W 2. Special circuit design, single LED’s damage won't affect others' normal work 3. Modular design for easy installation, replacement and maintenance. 4. High Lumen output up to 165lm/w with high quality LED chips 5. Variety applications with different mounting Accessories 6. Multiple lighting control options are available, e.g. DALI, 1-10V, Motion sensor 7. Designed to last at least 100,000 hours at L70 8. Multiple lighting distributions available 9. UL/ DLC/ SAA/ CB/ CE/ RoHS/ IK10 /IP66 /LM79 10. 7 years limited warranty available. Applications Warehouse, factory, rink, area and etc
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Long Lifespan 60w Led High Bay Light Fixture


1. The imported high-power LED chip is used, and the lumen value per watt is above 165LM.

2. Reduce construction costs. The project can save more than 70% of the investment in supporting embedded power transmission, transformers, power distribution cabinets, laying cables, etc. The total project price is equivalent to the price of high-grade street lamps (sodium lamps), because energy saving is more suitable for solar street lamps.

3. Wide voltage input and constant current for LED operation. That is, the grid fluctuation size is not required, and the brightness and service life of the lamp are not affected by the grid fluctuation.

4. Design of PWM constant current technology. It is the best driving method for LEDs, and it is also the most ideal working power source to ensure the service life of LEDs, completely solving the problem of LED flashing.

5. Large heat dissipation area. To ensure the junction temperature of the LED during operation, Ta is at 25 & ordm; C when Tj < 50 & ordm; C. When the traditional LED factory lamp is used in high temperature in summer, the junction temperature is too high and the service life of the LED is affected.

6. No high pressure, no dust. Eliminating the traditional high-voltage light source factory lights due to high-pressure dust absorption caused by excessive dust in the lampshade affects the light radiation.

7. Multi-color temperature selection. More to meet the requirements of different occasions.

Design Features

High Bay Led Lighting 2

High Bay Led Lighting 4

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