LED Gas Station Light 100W with quality performance

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Product IDPowerEfficacyDriver brandWarranty
ZGSM-QD40H440W140lm/wMeanwell7 years
ZGSM-QD80H480W140lm/wMeanwell7 years
ZGSM-QD120H4120W140lm/wMeanwell7 years
ZGSM-QD160H4160W140lm/wMeanwell7 years

Main specifications:

● Wide power range: 40W~240W.

● Special circuit design, single LED’s damage won't affect others' normal work.

● Modular design for easy installation, replacement and maintenance.


1: What is the MOQ?

A: 1 piece.

2: What applications can we use for?

A: Gas station lighting area, working offices, warehouses.

3: What is the driver brand and LED chip brand?

A: Meanwell HLG Series and XLG Series.Can also use Inventronics. LED chips use Lumileds 3030 and 5050.

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